Visual and Innovation Design

Two-year II level Academic Diploma in
“Visual and Innovation Design”

Visual Design, a new frontier in project design and coordination.
The Visual and Innovation Design Course is a two-year artistic specialization designed to launch designers beyond the boundaries of traditional graphic design limitations.
The course provides training and preparation for students to competently create visual communication, using a blend of multimedia design, visual design and advertising skills.
Thanks to quality, specialized training, RUFA’s Visual and Innovation Design Course provides students, who have already completed a three-year Academic Diploma in Communication, Design and Fine Arts, the additional cultural and technical tools needed to enter into today’s workforce with success.

Visual Designer as director of communication.
Using vision, design and multimedia skills, the Visual Designer is the ‘problem-solver’ of modern communication, able to combine the creative role with that of technical expert and strategic designer.
The Visual Designer needs to know how to work with new ways of communicating, offering concrete and ‘do-able’ solutions, creating and directing the entire communication platform.
The teaching and operating approach is oriented towards the connection between design technique and innovation, through the interaction between traditional media and new media born out of the digital revolution.

Launched into the professional workforce.
The two-year Visual and Innovation Design course includes a wide-variety of internship, training and work-study opportunities. These ‘real-life’ experiences help to create evolved professional profiles that are ready to enter into different work contexts thanks to their creative talent, and their concrete and proven design abilities using multimedia, technical and technological knowledge and skills.
The course builds up professionals that are highly specialized, that can find work opportunities in advertising agencies and visual design studios, in companies where large-scale communication design projects are created and in all of the real-life situations in which visual and interaction design skills are required.

The new horizons in communication design.
The Visual Designer student is ahead of the times, he/she learns to recognize and interpret visual language and signals and respond by anticipating contemporary trends with professional competence.
With solid technical and creative skills, designers in the Visual and Innovation Design course at RUFA learn to dominate the language and techniques of design, advertising and multimedia, essential in working in the field of visual design.
Becoming a Visual Designer includes gaining a solid understanding of the psychological, cognitive and perception mechanisms that form and inform communication methods. The future opportunities of a Visual Designer include traditional fields (graphic design, advertising, corporate branding and communication, product design and packaging, expo design and display) and new multimedia fields (digital publishing, interaction design, dynamic brand and identity, motion graphics, sound design, user experience, information and interface design).

Competent, specialized and ready.
The two-year Visual and Innovation Design Course at RUFA is part of the Department of Design and Applied Arts, the section of RUFA academic studies that provides a high-level of specialization and technical preparation, setting high standards of academic and design learning year after year.

The second-level Academic Diploma is equivalent to the Italian “Laurea Magistrale Universitaria” or University Masters degree.

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