Multimedia Spaces Design and Technologies

Two-year II level Academic Diploma in
“Multimedia Spaces Design and Technologies”

Space set-up around a multimedia idea.
At the foundation of the two-year second level Academic Diploma Multimedia Spaces Design and Technologies Course at RUFA, is the realization and awareness of the importance today of using multimedia techniques including advanced lighting technology to transform the set-up and ‘look and feel’ of a contemporary constructed space.
Space set-up is a visual arts field that is in rapid expansion, and ranges from urban renewal to cultural events, from set-up and backdrops in large public sports events to animated installations in shopping centers and modern day department stores.
The course aims to provide solid skills and training for the multimedia design and technology designer, who will learn to combine both the cultural creativity of the designer with the technological know-how of the skilled technician.

A complete design process.
At the core of the constructed space design process, both indoors and outdoors, the learning path for the two-year second level academic diploma course in design and technology of the multimedia space at RUFA provides students the methodological competence necessary to apply the role of multimedia technology in relation to the functional needs and to the unique environmental conditions of each space.
From an operational point of view, due to the quality of teaching, the student learns to utilize the most advance tools in design production, applying technical solutions and the necessary working procedures. The lessons given during the course cover themes such as theory of perception and cognitive process, advanced digital production technique, and multimedia design.

A world of professional prospects for a designer.
The course objectives are to create designers with highly specialized artistic and professional skills, that aim to enter into the entertainment industry, interior design and multimedia communication, as a designer of set-ups and multimedia installations, expert in multimedia production and communication projects.
Thanks to the teaching received, the designer is able to direct scenic lighting techniques, design and produce multimedia set-ups for exhibits, fairs, exhibitions, open-air events, cultural institutions, curate the ‘look and feel’ of a multimedia display for the theatre, film, television, design and produce multimedia spaces for companies and stores and apply contemporary interior design technique to retail spaces, exhibits, boats and domestic ambient lighting.

The second-level Academic Diploma is equivalent to the Italian “Laurea Magistrale Universitaria” or University Masters degree.

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