From immemorial time, the language of mankind.

The visual arts are the most ancient of creative activities, and the skills and talents of the artist are still needed today. RUFA teaches young people how to express themselves, beginning from tradition whilst acquiring mastery of the techniques of today: painting, video, performance art, installations, electronic art. The modern visual artist must as aware of history as well as of the times in which we live now; RUFA helps its students to combine art, future, and profession into a single project. The professional scenarios that then open to students who have taken their Ba Degree in painting are the visual arts, graphic art, and painting as pure artistic expression. Thanks to their study in specific areas (contemporary art history, photography, and audiovisual, pictorial, graphic, and figurative techniques and technologies) RUFA graduates can work as curators of exhibition spaces, art directors for cultural events, graphic designers, and as art publishers. Any one of these artistic sectors will be able to pick them out thanks to the high-level of their training in the visual arts, aesthetics, the phenomenology of the contemporary arts, and the organisation of art spaces and concepts.
Academy Degrees are equivalent to Bachelor’s university degrees.

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corso di studio in Pittura

Suggested training programme - Dipartimento di progettazione e arti applicate

Year Subject CFA Hours
I Year Pittura 1 12 150
Stile, storia dell'arte e del costume 1 6 45
Fotografia 8 100
Anatomia artistica 1 6 75
Disegno per la Scultura 6 75
Fenomenologia delle arti contemporanee 6 45
Tecniche pittoriche 6 75
Tecniche grafiche speciali 6 75
Fondamenti di informatica 4 50
II Year Pittura 2 12 150
Stile, storia dell'arte e del costume 2 6 45
Estetica delle arti visive 6 45
Anatomia artistica 2 6 75
Tecniche e tecnologie per la pittura 6 75
Tecniche dell'incisione - Grafica d'Arte 1 6 75
Management per l'arte 4 30
Inglese 4 30
Tirocini 4 100
AF a scelta dello studente 6 /
III Year Pittura 3 12 150
Stile, storia dell'arte e del costume 3 6 45
Fenomenologia dell'immagine 6 75
Tecniche plastiche contemporanee 6 75
Tecniche dell'incisione - Grafica d'Arte 2 6 75
Tecniche performative per le arti visive 4 50
Digital video 4 50
Video editing 4 50
AF a scelta dello studente 4 /
Prova finale 8 /
Total Credits 180