Vision meets technique.

The gaze of the machine, recounting what the world looks like. Writing, shooting, editing, producing. Knowledge of cinema and television. Creating short films, music videos, commercials, documentaries, and television productions. At RUFA you can prepare for a profession that is absolutely modern by beginning from the study of a passion that has ancient beginnings. Thanks to the numerous lessons and workshops by professional tutors, those taking a Ba Degree in Cinema at RUFA can look forward to a world of interesting work opportunities. Possessing the strength of a solid foundation of technical and theoretical experience, they may be invited to write, direct, construct, produce, post-produce, and edit the structure of various kinds of visual format. They will be able to make their own films and television programmes, thanks to having assimilated a solid understanding of these media during their years at RUFA, where they learn about directing and scriptwriting, photography, shooting techniques, editing, sound design, history of the contemporary arts, aesthetics in the visual arts, and the history of cinema. All of this gives them the ability to offer the world of entertainment a complete, up-to-date, strongly competitive professional profile.
Academy Degrees are equivalent to Bachelor’s university degrees.

Brochure  /  Regolamento Didattico

corso di studio in Cinema

Suggested training programme - Dipartimento di progettazione e arti applicate

Year Subject CFA Hours
I Year Cinematografia 1 12 150
Regia 1 6 45
Storia del cinema e del video 1 6 45
Fotografia 8 100
Computer Graphic 6 75
Tecniche di montaggio 4 50
Tecniche di ripresa 4 50
Sound design 1 4 50
Fondamenti di informatica 4 50
AF a scelta dello studente 6 /
II Year Cinematografia 2 12 150
Regia 2 6 45
Storia del cinema e del video 2 6 45
Direzione della fotografia 8 100
Elementi di produzione video 1 6 75
Teoria e metodo dei mass media 6 45
Stile, storia dell'arte e del costume 6 45
Digital video 4 50
Inglese 4 30
AF a scelta dello studente 2 /
III Year Cinematografia 3 12 150
Tecniche di documentazione audiovisiva 8 100
Scrittura creativa 6 45
Fenomenologia delle arti contemporanee 6 45
Elementi di produzione video 2 6 75
Video editing 4 50
Sound design 2 4 50
Tirocini 4 100
AF a scelta dello studente 2 /
Prova finale 8 /
Total Credits 180