Set Design

Master of Arts Degree Program
in “Set Design”

A course to manage space, depth and movement.

The MA Degree Program in Set Design is an opportunity for students with an artistic and creative personality, in search of a professional environment, to express their visual and design talent, and to receive highly specialized training.
Being able to imagine the space used to narrate as a three-dimensional space means having a mind that is flexible and practical, able to compose and recreate depth and beauty.
Designed to train specialized professional profiles, the two-year Scenography Course at RUFA is the result of a solid academic tradition in teaching art, design, scenery and theatre.

Scenography, the show is the space around the action.

Scenography is the noble art of creating the scenery, the technique of designing the space and the lighting around the action, the narration, and the magic of a live space.
A fundamental profession essential to the successful outcome of any performance, including theatre, opera, film, television, concerts, set up preparation and exhibits.
The Scenographer designs and creates using lights, materials, textiles, architecture, woodwork, 3D modeling, furnishings, finishes, decorations and costumes.
Becoming a stage or set designer opens the doors to a large selection of professional opportunities from working in the world of show business to art and creative direction as applied to any artistic performance, and the activities of interior designer and decorator.

A course rich with opportunities and internships.

The MA Degree Program in Set Design provides students with a high-level of specialized technical and design training, supplemented during the course of study with a solid and constantly updated cycle of learning opportunities including professional collaboration, internships, and workshops with the most important figures on the national scenography scene.
Within the RUFA Academic structure, the two year course in Scenography is part of the Department of Design and Applied Arts, the section of RUFA academic studies that provides a high-level of specialization and technical preparation, setting high standards of academic and design learning year after year.

Academy Degrees are equivalent to Master’s university degrees.

Brochure / Regolamento Didattico e Piano di Studi

corso di studio in Scenografia

Suggested training programme - Dipartimento di progettazione e arti applicate

Year Subject CFA Hours
I Year Scenografia per il cinema 10 125
Progettazione per il costume 8 100
Scenotecnica 8 100
Tecnologia e materiali applicati alla scenografia 6 75
Elementi di architettura ed urbanistica 6 75
Storia dello spettacolo 6 45
Rappresentazione architettonica dello spazio scenico 4 50
Sociologia dell'arte contemporanea 6 45
Fenomenologia delle arti contemporanee 6 45
II Year Scenografia per il teatro 10 125
Scenografia per la televisione 8 100
Illuminotecnica 6 75
Scenografia virtuale 6 75
Modellistica 6 75
Inglese per la comunicazione artistica 4 30
Workshop - Stage 4 /
AF a scelta dello studente 6 /
Prova finale 10 /
Total Credits 120