Film Arts

Master of Arts Degree Programs in “Film Arts”

Film made of content and experimentation.

Film is a world made up of many different languages, each one born out of the necessity to communicate a vision. Using experimentation and research one can give life to new stories and in order to tell them RUFA has created the two-year Master of Arts Degree Program in Film Arts, born to bring together, in a single program, the talent and story telling capacity, writing and vision of students who have completed a degree in the Arts or Design.
The filmmakers of tomorrow, looking for a theoretical-practical specialization, necessary to transform their passion for audiovisuals into an authentic and concrete profession, can find what they require today in the Film Arts Course at RUFA.

Film Arts high value training.

The two-year Master of Arts in Film Arts at RUFA is part of the Department of Projects and Applied Arts, the section of RUFA academic studies that provides a high-level of specialization and technical preparation, setting high standards of academic and design learning year after year.
The academic training includes the study of specific subjects including film, scenography, photography, editing, sound, multimedia production, digital animation, 3D, phenomenology of the image, and sociology of contemporary art, to enrich the practical and hands-on training in creating content.

Study Film Arts to become a talented director.

The course trains young filmmakers with a solid historic-cultural background to be able to utilize all language and techniques of expression used today in contemporary filmmaking; to narrate their stories, their vision, and their cultural sensitivity to the world through film.
Taking technical knowledge to the next level, the course trains students to apply design principles, teaching them to use a formal and structured approach to personal creativity, so that they are able to transform and unite their own creative vision with universally recognized methods and techniques of filmmaking and the Film Arts. Graduates will be ready for the work force as fully trained professionals, rich in talent, culture and craft. Young filmmakers attending the two-year second level academic diploma Film Arts course at RUFA can professionally express themselves as the new, future directors of Italian cinema.

A complete education, to dominate cinematography.

The two-year Master of Arts in Film Arts is equally divided between theoretical teaching and hands-on workshops, between artistic vision and technical guidance, between knowledge of film history and experimentation and technological research.
Once young RUFA filmmakers enter into the workforce, the technological expertise that they have acquired make them able to produce audiovisual projects in every sector of the communication and entertainment industry including advertising, video art, documentary, web and television.
To reinforce the learning received, students have access to numerous opportunities including workshops, seminars, work study collaboration, participation in experimental projects and internships with film production studios.

Academy Degrees are equivalent to Master’s university degrees.

Brochure / Regolamento Didattico e Piano di Studi

corso di studio in Arte Cinematografica

Suggested training programme - Dipartimento di progettazione e arti applicate

Year Subject CFA Hours
I Year Teoria e tecnica cinematografica 1 10 125
Direzione della fotografia 8 100
Montaggio 8 100
Regia e direzione degli attori 6 75
Sceneggiatura 6 45
Fenomenologia dell'immagine 6 45
Tecniche di Ripresa 6 75
Tecniche di Montaggio 6 75
Inglese 4 30
II Year Teoria e tecnica cinematografica 2 10 125
Regia 2 4 30
Sceneggiatura 2 4 30
Tecniche di documentazione audiovisiva 6 75
Produzione cinematografica 6 75
Strumenti di animazione digitale 3D 6 75
Estetica delle arti visive 6 45
Tirocini 8 200
Prova finale 10 /
Total Credits 120