The Decorator, a talent producer.

The role of Decorator is essential in the creation of architectural, artistic and scenic work. The Decorator brings a blend of solid knowledge in design and technical and technological expertise and can apply this to an ample variety of materials and subjects.
Thanks to a high-level of specialized academic training, the Decorator is able to understand and interpret the feel of artistic environments and artistic representations.

The ability to make Art.

Every environment is made up of many levels of decoration and setup that include a variety of material, lighting, structure and depth.
The Decorator, thanks to their specialized training that includes a depth of knowledge in subjects such as painting, sculpture and graphic arts, is able to offer their professional services by being the professional link between design and production elements and the artistic vision.

Art and its applications.

Within the RUFA academic structure, the MA Decoration Degree is part of the Visual Arts Department, the branch of academic studies in RUFA that houses the interaction between the Fine Arts disciplines, creating new synergies between them.
At RUFA the new contemporary artist is born, able to express oneself through multiple Fine Art expressions whether they are transformational, technological, graphic, or painterly.

The Decorator, creator and builder.

The professional input of the decorator is of fundamental importance in many work environments, wherever a qualified artist who can work both as a creator and as a builder is needed. Architecture, interior design, product design, exhibit preparation, galleries, exhibition spaces, artistic direction, design: in all of these areas, the Decorator can add value, putting to use his/her rigorous teaching received during their two-year highly specialized technical and creative training.

Live teaching methods.

The MA Degree Program in Decoration at RUFA prepares tomorrow’s decorators through solid academic training, that includes lessons in the history and tradition of the materials used, and through learning and applying innovative methods and approaches and technological know-how, contributing to a final result that is lively, contemporary and competitive.

Academy Degrees are equivalent to Master’s university degrees.

corso di studio in Decorazione

Suggested training programme - Dipartimento di progettazione e arti applicate

Year Subject CFA Hours
I Year Decorazione 1 10 125
Tecniche e tecnologie per le arti visive 8 100
Laboratorio di Grafica d'Arte 8 100
Fotografia 8 100
Tecniche performative per le arti visive 8 100
Sociologia dell'Arte Contemporanea 6 45
Fenomenologia dell'immagine 6 45
Estetica delle Arti Visive 6 45
II Year Decorazione 2 10 125
Teoria e metodo dei mass media 6 45
Laboratorio di Grafica d'Arte 8 100
Tecniche calcografiche sperimentali 6 75
Installazioni multimediali 6 75
AF a scelta dello studente 6 /
Inglese 4 30
Tirocini 4 100
Prova finale 10 /
Total Credits 120