Right to an education

Right to an education.

In accordance with decisions made on 9 April 2001 by the President of the Ministers’ Council, students at RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, can compete for both the awarding of scholarships and the services covered by the Right to a University Education. Granting of scholarships is based on merit and income and granted by the Right to a University Education Agency of Lazio (LAZIODISU territorial “La Sapienza”, Rome).
The annual call for scholarships will establish criteria for participation.
Announcement of competition LAZIODISU is on the Agenzia per il Diritto agli Studi Universitari nel Lazio website.



RUFAWork-Study Program
During each academic year, the Academy will publish a complete list of school related duties that can be assigned to students as part of the work-study program. Duties such as teaching, examination supervision and administrative responsibilities will not be considered part of the program. Each assignment will presumably require 150 hours of employment, to be divided as needed by the institution.
The wage-rate is currently set at € 7,23 per hour, but is subject to change periodically; it shall be exempt from income tax (ILOR and IRPEF) and is net of the insurance costs. Students in RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, enrolled in the first and second level of the Academic Diploma can apply within the year that they are enrolled. They must comply with regulations, surcharges and fees, and must have the following requirements:
A) on the date of application submission, must be regularly enrolled in a first level or second level Academic Diploma from the second year to the first year “fuori corso”*;
B) if transferred from another universities, the transfer must have taken place at least one year before the presentation of the application;
C) are not employed or self-employed;
D) have not been found guilty of acts or behaviors that brought disruption or harm to the functionality or facilities of their previous assignment, causing the termination of their contract;
E) from the year of enrollment have completed at least 2/5 of the total credits required to complete their studies;
F) have no ongoing or have not undergone disciplinary action or have not been subjected to criminal prosecution.

Every year RUFA and several public and private institutions offer Italian students scholarships to cover 33 percent of their tuition fees. Other partial scholarship opportunities are offered to foreign students.
RUFA also maintains the right to offer partial scholarships to students who participate in work-study activities at the Academy.
Students who pay the entire tuition fee in a single payment by 30 September, are entitled to a RUFA a 5% discount on the total fee.

*University student who has not passed all his exams within the prescribed period of time.