Greetings from the President

RUFA is an arrow pointed towards the very center of culture.

RUFA Academy has just celebrated its fifteenth year of activity, and as its ‘founding father’, I am proud to have had the vision and motivation to conceive of and create this Academy. It took a great deal of hard work and a little bit of madness.

At the core of this initiative is the awareness that, today more than ever, the artist, in addition to devoting his/her time to the creative process, has a duty to believe in the value of culture overall, and he/she is called to the task of developing a certain cultural sensitivity often lacking in the younger generation overwhelmed with “false idols” and TV personalities. For me to create an Academy has meant to “build” an environment where students have the freedom to develop and share ideas with professors and colleagues and be encouraged to apply their creativity, their knowledge and their inspiration to reach their potential. The keys to success in this business are invention, intuition, effort, perseverance and ideas. These are the same strengths I have always considered fundamental in life and I feel they can be equally applied to a successful artistic education.

I felt the need to create a meeting point in which past traditions and future projects could come together and I felt the desire to accompany young people on this journey through the world of creativity and inspiration.

With curiosity and a spirit of collaboration, I continue to search for what is ‘true’, what is ‘right’, and what is needed to build a better future. I have put all of my experience, my knowledge and my enthusiasm in RUFA, in order to offer a fresh and up-to-date curriculum, enable qualified teachers to transfer their knowledge, and to promote the arts, sustain young talent in developing their skills and to contribute to national and international academic projects.

RUFA is a challenge that has given meaning to a significant part of my adult life, and it makes sense that young artists have the opportunity to give meaning to their young lives through this same challenge. You are our future, and our creative lives do not have impact if the next generation is not equipped and prepared to take the challenge forward.

RUFA is both the result of my personal ambition and a mean to fulfill the creative desires of young artists. RUFA is an arrow pointed towards the very center of culture.

Prof. Alfio Mongelli
President of Rome University of Fine Arts
* Alfio Mongelli and his work H2O – Olympic Park in Beijing, 2010 – Photo by Alessandro Carpentieri