Greetings from the Director

RUFA, the Academy of Fine Arts, Communication and Design.

Welcome to the RUFA website, welcome to the Academy.
We are starting here and now on a new path into the world of Fine Arts, Communication and Design. These are challenging areas of study that also provide professional and personal satisfaction. Students that attend the RUFA BA and MA Degree Programmes have the chance to meet interesting people and to create meaningful experiences.
Studying at RUFA is meant to be organic and versatile: theory is always accompanied with concrete and stimulating research projects, to ensure that students learn to interact with vision and originality and begin to form a broad knowledge base which is functional and useful.
RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, is a private Fine Arts Academy, legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).
RUFA Academy Degrees are equivalent to Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts university degrees. RUFA graduates are fully qualified to enter the workforce upon completing their Degree.

With a solid technical preparation accrued during their time in RUFA, students develop in a study environment in which the freedom to express their ideas and their creative personalities is the basis for their learning.
In RUFA we love to work in tune with contemporary trends and cultural shifts. In this Academy it is essential to teach students to be competitive with the times, and to provide them with the proper tools that allow them to join the professional workforce rapidly. Fine Arts, Communication and Design students in RUFA create freely and effectively, learning to adapt to the natural rhythm that is part of the creative process. Every day they have the opportunity to invest their passion into their future career.

For over fifteen years, RUFA artists, creatives and designers build upon their own aesthetic taste and communication style, incorporating all the necessary techniques to graduate from the Academy solid, mature and closer to their future aspirations.
The main purpose of this Academy is to prepare students for the workforce: bring them closer to a future job.
This is why RUFA is supportive of its students at every turn.
For the last fifteen years, dedicated teachers and staff have taught, listened to and supported students every single day, throughout their course of study.

RUFA expects a lot from its students but also gives back a lot.
Students joining the Academy will find themselves spending most of their time there: RUFA encourages effort, continuous enrichment through interaction and collaboration and the use of curiosity, culture and intelligence.
As time goes by, students will find that they will be rewarded for their hard work: in the last fifteen years, all Academy students have reached their dreams, lived their creative passion and prepared themselves to be tomorrow’s creative professionals.

Let’s get started,
Arch. Fabio Mongelli